Gardit Liners

Gardit® Spray-on Truck Liners

Why Gardit®?

Reflex spray on bedliners have been developed to give your truck the protection it deserves. The thick coating protects against scratches and dents and helps to prevent rust. They also protect your cargo by creating a non-slip coating that keeps things in place. You can trust Reflex spray on bedliners to withstand the test of time. Reflex comes in a variety of vibrant colors, and the material is well –suited for a variety of applications, not just truck beds.

Industrial Strength Coating

Gardit is a relatively hard material, providing an extremely resilient film for general use as a bed liner and also for many other industrial applications where paint or powder coating cannot meet the demanding requirements. It has found uses in many industries including automotive, agriculture, construction, and signage. The possible applications of Gardit are endless: running boards, rocker panels, fenders, speaker cabinets, sign foam, wood, concrete, and much more.

Long-Lasting Brilliant Color

With a Gardit Spray-On Truck Liner, you can choose a great quality jet-black liner or you are given the option of almost any color you could want. OEM automotive color toners are injected into the chemicals for unmatched UV stability and long-lasting brilliance. A Gardit color match makes for a factory-class, extraordinary truck bed liner.

Heavy Duty Protection

Gardit offers the most recent polyurethane/polyurea technology for impact, corrosion, and chemical resistance. It is the best truck bed liner option for heavy industrial use by contractors who constantly slide equipment or shovel materials in and out of their trucks.

Protective Spray Coating and Bed Liner Services

Western Linings is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in Truck Bed Liners / Protective Spray Coating. We stand by our service and strive to be the best at what we do, which is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty / Satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Truck Bed Lining

Truck beds take a beating over time and don’t come with the protection it needs for all the hauling it does over the life of the truck.

Under Coating Spray

Our Bedliner can also be applied as an undercoating. This is particularly used for protecting under-wheel wells.

Camper Trailers / RV

Spray Lining the exterior of a Camper Trailer or RV will help seal small cracks and protect the body for years to come while making it look great.

Full Vehicle Spray

Spray Lining the body not only looks great but also will protect your vehicle from getting scratches and dents.

Rocker Panel Lining

Having your Rocker Panel sprayed not only can prevents chipping and rust which eats away at the truck over time.

Custom Spray Lining

We can spray anything from plastic, fiberglass, and metal. If you want to protect what you have. Spray Lining is your product.

Commercial Vehicles Spray

Protect your business equipment from the elements by coating it with our superior product. Discounts are available for business. 

Trailers Decking

Lining with added traction is a way to protect your trailer deck, without having to treat it every year. Call Us today. 

What Customers Say About Western Linings 

“Western Lining (Blake) did a Great job spraying my camper shell very happy with the quality of work he did at a reasonable price. I will be doing more business with them.”

Mike Salvado

“Great job on the rust treatment and lining on my Tundra! I would highly recommend to anyone needing their vehicle done.”

Nick Olsen

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