Air Springs Suspension

Get More Control, Better Handling, And Improved Comfort With Air Lift® Adjustable Air Suspension.


Air Springs Suspension

Increased ride comfort, better handling, and improved load capacity.

Load Lifter 5000

Increase your safety and comfort when towing and hauling heavy loads.

Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate

Exclusive internal jounce bumper inside, providing the ultimate in ride comfort and safety.

Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate+

Designed with Air Lift’s highest-quality, longest-lasting components. Contact us Today!

Load Lifter PRO Series

All the benefits of the LoadLifter ProSeries air spring kit with an added internal jounce bumper.

Service Details

Airlift suspension is a type of suspension system that uses air-filled bladders or bags to provide a cushioning effect. It offers a number of benefits compared to traditional suspension systems, such as increased ride comfort, better handling, and improved load capacity.

The air-filled bladders can be adjusted to provide a softer or firmer ride, depending on the needs of the driver. This allows for a customized ride experience that can be adjusted to suit different road conditions.

Airlift suspension also provides improved handling and stability, as the bladders are able to absorb bumps and other imperfections in the road. This reduces the amount of shock and vibration that is transmitted to the cabin, resulting in a smoother ride.

Finally, airlift suspension can also provide a higher load capacity than traditional suspension systems. The air-filled bladders are able to better absorb the weight of the vehicle, resulting in improved handling and increased load capacity. This is especially beneficial for vehicles that are used for towing or carrying heavy loads.

Adjustable Ride Height

Improved Load Carrying Capacity

Enhanced Ride Comfort

Leveling and Balancing

Adaptability to Terrain

Dynamic Handling Characteristics

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